How Good is your tactical vision?

How Good is your tactical vision? After the series on survival tools, a tactical test is allowed. Isn’t

How Good is your tactical vision?

After the series on survival tools, a tactical test is allowed. Isn’t it? I have picked some of the easy tactical positions from the recently concluded Chess Olympiad.
You can check the articles on the tools if you have missed it here:


 Position 1 

White to play

 Position 2 

White to play

 Position 3 

Black has just captured the pawn on e5. How did white prove that this was a blunder?

 Position 4 

Vallejo had it easy in his first round of the Olympiad. Calculate the winning continuation for white

 Position 5 

White has a space advantage and better piece placement. Vidit found a tactical way to finish the game

 Position 6 

White to play

 Position 7 

White found a sequence that got him a pawn and more. What did he play?

 Position 8 

White to play

 Position 9 

White to play

 Position 10 

How did white force resignation?

 Position 11 

White to play

 Position 12 

Kramnik came up with a winning continuation. What did he play?

 Position 13 

The white King and the Queen are on vulnerable squares. How did black exploit it?

 Position 14 

Find the quickest way to win for black

 Position 15 

Black’s pieces are better placed and this helped Ipatov in playing a combination here. Can you do the same?

 Position 16 

Black to play

 Position 17 

Black to play

 Position 18 

Benjamin sensed the opportunity and made the most of it. What did he play as white?

 Position 19 

This position was in the newsfeed of many twitter chess accounts. What did white play here?

 Position 20 

Black to play

Do you find the tactics difficult? The books below could help you in improving the tactics!!

Answers of the tactical positions 1 to 20

Give yourself one point for solving one position
Maximum time : 20 minutes
Minimum time: 55 seconds
Can you beat the minimum time?

 Position 1 - Solution 

 Position 2 - Solution 

 Position 3 - Solution 

 Position 4 - Solution 

 Position 5 - Solution 

 Position 6 - Solution 

 Position 7 - Solution 

 Position 8 - Solution 

 Position 9 - Solution 

 Position 10 - Solution 

 Position 11 - Solution 

 Position 12 - Solution 

 Position 13 - Solution 

 Position 14 - Solution 

 Position 15 - Solution 

 Position 16 - Solution 

 Position 17 - Solution 

 Position 18 - Solution 

 Position 19 - Solution 

 Position 20 - Solution 


I came across an inspiring track from the movie ‘Queen of Katwe’ recently. Worth listening! I loved the lyrics:



I’ll be back with another article next week. Take charge!

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