Olympiad Quiz – Round 7

Olympiad Quiz - Round 7 We welcome you for the Round 7 of the eleven round Olympiad Quiz Series. All

Olympiad Quiz - Round 7

We welcome you for the Round 7 of the eleven round Olympiad Quiz Series. All the Indians can be proud of the way Indian Men’s team is playing. They beat Netherlands 2.5-1.5 to snatch the sole lead. This is the first time in the history, India is leading a section in the Chess Olympiads. Indian women team doubled our joy by beating Latvia from the losing position to win the match 2.5-1.5

This round is going to be even more exciting and you can watch quality games between the top players on your computer/Follow Chess App. Indian Men is paired against the star studded USA. While the players have started the game, we request you to start the seventh round of Olympiad Quiz! We wish you all the best for your seventh round 🙂



1) We have 10 Multiple choice questions in every round.
2) If you refresh the page, then you have to start your round from the beginning.
3) We have a touch piece rule in our Olympiad Quiz where if you select an option for the question you may not be able to change it again.
4) We do not provide any prize for the winners. However, the participation certificate is provided all the players in the form of results at the end which you can show to your friends by sharing in Facebook, twitter and google plus.
5) In case of any mistakes, corrections in the questions/answers, please drop your suggestions in the comment section.
6) We need enough participants to make the Olympiad Quiz a successful event, please share it with your friends so that they also have fun and know some history!

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We hope you had fun. Now, its time to challenge your friend to take up this quiz. Watch the exciting games of the Olympiad in the follow chess app where ever you are! 

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