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The Offbeat King’s Indian: Lesser known tries to counter this most popular of defences


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The King’s Indian is one of the most exciting and complex defences that Black can employ against the queen’s pawn opening. The main lines of the King’s Indian are very sharp and tactical but they are also extremely theoretical in nature–it can be a full time job simply keeping up with the latest developments and fashion. So it is unsurprising that many playing White choose to look elsewhere for something to counter this popular opening. In The Offbeat King’s Indian distinguished openings expert Krzysztof Panczyk studies unusual and less theoretical systems for White, ones that are tricky and are likely to throw King’s Indian players off their stride early on in the game. Variations investigated include lines with an early Bd3 and/or Nge2, ones with h3, and ones involving a swift Bg5. By studying this book, White players can create a whole new armory of weapons with which to counter the King’s Indian, while those playing Black can look closely for the recommended antidotes!

Key features:
*All unusual King’s Indian Defence lines are covered
*Strategies and tactics covered for both sides
*Ideal for club and tournament players

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