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Winning Chess Openings


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Start every game with confidence!

The two greatest challenges for beginning chess players are not only to survive the openings phase, but also to choose appropriate attack and defence formations in the process. Winning Chess Openings shows players how to do both. In Yasser Seirawan’s entertaining, easy-to-follow style, they are shown formations that can be used with other White or Black pieces.

Winning Chess Openings explains how to:
*Build a safe house for a king
*Estimate losses of ten moves or fewer
*Utilise the elements: time, force, space, and pawn structure
*Plan strategy based on time-tested opening principles of play
*Employ a defence for Black against any White opening
*Apply an opening for White used by World Champions

Winning Chess Openings will help readers develop a solid understanding of opening principles that can be applied to every game they play–without having to memorize a dizzying array of tedious and lengthy opening lines.

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