We are a Chess Startup company based out in Chennai, India. We are a product based company which manufactures chess sets and chess accessories. We are also the dealers in Chess books, chess clocks and chess software.

We started this company hoping to scale our business throughout the country reaching every nook and corner.

We were receiving a lot of queries from the player’s parents that they don’t find a coach in their locality. But, wait… We also received few insights from the coaches that they don’t find enough students to train. There were enough coaches in every locality and even more number of students who require coach. But the real problem is they don’t find each other.

This problem brought us a small idea… And yeah! Now we are in the service industry as well. We provide the space for the coaches to establish themselves. This helps the students to find out the coach in their locality based on their area of weakness or the coaches’ strength. There are few outstanding features which would make the life easier for the coaches and students.

We have inherited the idea of coaches list to display tournament calendar. Now, the organizers can publicize their event easily and we also market their event. We provide the space for the organizers to list their tournament at free of cost.

We are constantly improving our products and services to inspire the people to take up chess!